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Do you know the CaramellDancen?

The Caramel Dance or more popularly known as the Caramelldansen (it’s Swedish) is one of the biggest memes hit the internet, The music is by the Swedish music group Caramell and I seriously

Blackhorns Leatherette Case

I’ve always wanted a nice and badass looking case for my PSP and I thought it was impossible due to it’s color (Ice Silver). yesterday while applying for my NBI Clearance in Carriedo

What your console says about you?

The choice of console has always been quite a struggle for most. The most frequent questions asked are: What platform is the best? Which platform has the best games? What’s the cheapest? What’s the best value? Though these

Real or Fake? Debunking the Sony Memory Stick

For most new PSP users, it’s always a dilemma when choosing what Memory Stick to buy. No, it’s not about capacity since 2GB and 4GB are the most bought capacities. It’s rather

Waiting for Crisis Core

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most celebrated RPG titles known to hardcore gamers. It’s list of titles are well-known for it’s epic stories (not battles no, that’s reserved for Devil

Google search is drunk

Yes.  I’ve had a lot of experience having Google give me a SERP page that displays none of the things I need but this one is special.  I was doing a favor for a

Stop Impulse Buying

With the country still swimming in economic crisis and the prices of goods still on the rise the only prudent thing to do is to keep a tight leash on your wallet. Sure,

God of War Entertainment Pack

SCEA is really pulling out all the stops for God of War: Chains of Olympus with the announcement of the third, special edition PSP package. The God of War Entertainment Pack a blood

Kratos is Back: The most anticipated PSP Game is here

God of War has left a lasting impression on PlayStation owners ever since the series’ debut on the PlayStation 2 on March 2005 and SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment) gives the game and Kratos a

Ozinefest ’08

What: Ozinefest ’08 When: April 5 and 6, 2008 Where: SM Megamall (Not sure which TradeHall yet, will update) Otakuzine Anime Magazine, the country’s premier anime magazine will have its fourth installment of their annual event called,

Nintendo DS Games Download

Nintendo DS Games Download

Free DS Games. Looking for Free Nintendo DS games download? No registration. No payment. Just direct download links to free DS games. Download free PSP games FREE so you

Free PSP Games download

I know you’re looking for free PSP games. Admit it, free games for Sony’s iconic portable is one of it’s selling features. Superior specs, AA+ titles and not to mention a cool

Free PSP Games Download

Free PSP Game Downloads. Everyone’s looking for them and yet most of the sites that offer free PSP games download are asking you money upfront. That’s not fair right? Free PSP Game Downloads Here at Atma

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