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Free PSP Games download

I know you’re looking for free PSP games. Admit it, free games for Sony’s iconic portable is one of it’s selling features. Superior specs, AA+ titles and not to mention a cool looking piece of hardware are a few of the reasons why people really go out of their way and budget to purchase a PSP. Sure, Nintendo and it’s DS family have spent a lifetime on top with their offerings of free DS lite games and free Nintendo DSi games but they’re on another market altogether. PSPs are made for games with incredible graphics AND Homebrew :D.

Free PSP Games

Did I mention homebrew? Yep. Homebrew is what makes playing and getting free PSP games possible! Without it, we’ll be stuck playing UMDs instead of having our games tucked safely and portably on our memory sticks. To the noobs, Homebrew is loaded by a custom firmware. What is custom firmware? It’s basically a patched version of Sony’s official firmware for the PSP that allows you to download and play free psp games. How do you get custom firmware? Well that’s quite a complicated question, you’re here looking for games right? Free PSP games? Free PSP game downloads? Free SONY PSP game downloads right? Well not to worry, you can proceed to download your free PSP games from the links I’ve gathered below 😀

Do note that you need custom firmware in order to run these games. How do you get custom firmware? Read this guide on How to install custom firmware on your PSP.

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