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2012 Halloween Steam Sale is live

Hold on to your wallets folks, Steam’s 2012 Halloween Steam Sale is up! The Steam sale will run from today to October 31. No daily deals on this one it seems, just a straight up

Valve opening up Steam Closed Beta for Linux

Steam for Linux seems to be chugging along the development road quite nicely as Valve has announced that they will be opening up slots for a private external beta for 1,000 lucky users. The beta

Valve unleashes: Meet the Pyro

.. and it was not what I expected. Watch the video embedded below: Now aside from finally releasing video for the Pyro, alongside a new map and several new item sets (basically the Pyromania Update),

Steam adds remote game downloads

Valve has added a much welcomed feature to their Steam client, and that is initiate game downloads and installations remotely from any device where you can logon to Steam (Android, Web, iOS). The

Steam Mobile App now in Beta for Android, iOS

While there are a few 3rd Party-apps that allow you to interact with Steam in one way or another (for both Android and iOS), nothing really beats an official app (unless you’re talking about

[Fix] Steam: stuck on preparing to launch

Gadzooks, seems like Steam isn’t all that cheery and bug free after all. If you’re like me then you’ve seen the message above more times than you’d like to. Especially since Steam should launch

Steam Holiday Sale Encore

Missed a game on the daily sale for the 2011 Steam Holdiay Sale? Fret not, Steam has one more chance to abuse your wallet, err, is giving you one last chance to buy the games

2011 Steam Holiday Sale begins

Hold on to your wallets. The year end sale is

Steam Summer sale begins

It’s that time of the year folks. Keep your wallets on a tight leash, Steam’s summer sale is here. If you’re new to Steam, keep this to heart when going through the sale catalog:

Team Fortress 2 goes Free to Play

Valve has officially made Team Fortress 2 Free-to-Play in conjunction with the Uber pack update and the new Meet-The-Medic

EA starts pulling games from Steam, props up Origin

It seems like EA wants a piece of the digital distribution pie that Steam currently has a good hold

Valve unveils Portal 2 and Steam for PS3 details

After months of speculations, Valve has finally unveiled details on it’s upcoming game, Portal 2 and Steam on the PS3.  Yep.  That’s right, Steam, the online game storefront, multiplayer platform (also called DRM) on

Steam Error: Servers Are Currently Unavailable or Too Busy

I recently encountered this error upon installing Civilization V on my new MacBook Pro. It seems to be the generic error that the Steam client throws when: There really aren’t any available servers to

Valve announces Portal 2 PS3 Steam features

Valve has promised Steam for the PS3, a move that most certainly piqued the interest for most of us who love the platform on the PC.  Today, Gabe Newell announces quite a few interesting

Steam Holiday Sale Begins!

Open your wallets because Steam has finally started it’s Holiday sale which will start from today (December 20.. that’s 21 for us in Asia) upto January 2 next year. If you’ve been holding

Valve recieves a real life Sentry Gun

Sure it doesn’t shoot bullets but close enough. This replica of the engineer sentry gun from Team Fortress 2 is the work of New Zealand’s extraordinarily talented WETA Workshop (the guys responsible for

Valve releases Alien Swarm for free on Steam

Valve gives yet another game away.   This time around it’s Alien Swarm, a futuristic first-person top-down shoot-em-up shooter computer game with roots from a mod of the same name for Unreal Tournament 2004. 

Steam is now officially on the Mac

Gaming?  On a mac?  The words Mac and Gaming used to be mutually exclusive.  Today things have changed with the official launch of Steam for the Mac.  The best part?  Just for downloading Steam

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