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Steam Holiday Sale Begins!

Open your wallets because Steam has finally started it’s Holiday sale which will start from today (December 20.. that’s 21 for us in Asia) upto January 2 next year. If you’ve been holding off your game purchases in hopes of a sale well you’re in luck. Steam is dropping prices and you’re about to splurge a whole lot of money on them. LOL.
First off, if you go to the The Steam Holiday Sale you’ll see this:

Now before you splurge your money on the first day of the sale, remember that there will be a rotation on items on sale so be sure to check up on games that you want everyday. Now for those looking into good deals, there are also game packs on sale like this one from Square Enix:

Check out the savings on that one :).

Now if you’re still looking for better deals with a tight budget, take a good look at the Indie Game bundles. These will set you back $5 a piece (except for the potato pack… which up to now I still have no idea why they called it so).

$5 Indie Game Packs:

Indie Smarts PackDroplitz, Lumines, Puzzle Agent, Puzzle Dimension, Quantz

Indie Fright PackBurn Zombie Burn!, The Path, The Scourge Project, The Void, Zombie Driver

Indie Flight PackDogFighter, Everyday Shooter, Flotilla, Gratuitous Space Battles, Guns of Icarus

Indie Mix PackCogs, Darwinia, DEFCON, Eufloria, Plain Sight

Indie 2D PackBullet Candy, Galcon Fusion, Geometry Wars, Super Laser Racer, VVVVVV

Indie Fantasy PackBob Came in Pieces, Faerie Solitaire, Fortix, NyxQuest, Spectromancer

$20 Indie Heavy Hitters PackAudioSurf, Braid, Osmos, Shattered Horizon, The Maw, Trine, World of Goo, Zeno Clash

Be warned that if you already have some of the games included in the Indie pack, you won’t get an extra license for your duplicate.  However, it’s already a steal for $5 so please don’t complain about it.  I mean, it’s just $5!

For those looking to net the best deal (aside from the game packs and stuff), I would all but suggest to wait until the very last day.  Unless you specifically have a game you want to get your hands on soon, it’s best to see if there’s a better deal for it on the horizon.  Of course the downside is that there might no longer be a sale on the game and you end up buying it full price (lol) but it’s worth the risk sometimes 🙂

Enjoy the The Steam Holiday Sale

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