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2011 Steam Holiday Sale begins

Hold on to your wallets. The year end sale is here!

The sale will run from today, December 20, 2011 until January 1, 2012 and will have new deals for each day. If you’re new to the Steam Sales, be sure to check out the Daily Deals as they are usually the best priced items compared to the publisher packs.

Today’s daily deal is as follows:

  • Just Cause franchise: 75% off
  • Sam & Max franchise: 75% off
  • Metro 2033: $4.99
  • Fable III: $12.49
  • Portal franchise: 75% off
  • Amnesia: $4.99
  • Singularity: $7.49
  • Orcs Must Die: $3.74
  • Rift: $7.49
  • Bunch Of Heroes: $2.49
  • Pendulo Studios Adventure Pack: $12.49
  • Max Payne franchise: 75% off

Aside from the sale, there’s also the usual achievement to gift raffle

And you have this:

Thanks Steam!

More info from the Store Page

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