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PSA: PlayStation Vita Is Now Available worldwide

Now head to your favorite retailer and pucker up some cash as Sony’s latest gamning console hits shelves. The PlayStation Vita is priced at $249/$299 and €249/€299 for the Wi-Fi and 3G units

PS Vita will support multiple PSN accounts

When news leaked out that the PS Vita will be tied to just one PSN account, there was a huge uproar amongst gamers as it was effectively a region lock that will prevent you

Sony defends PS Vita memory card pricing

Sony defends PS Vita memory card pricing

When Sony officially unveiled the PS Vita‘s price, the console undoubtably gained a lot of potential buyers. At $249 for the WiFi version and $399 for the 3G version, the console’s release price

Official PlayStation Vita US accessory pricing

Official PlayStation Vita US accessory pricing

Sony has given us a glimpse of what prices to expect for the international release of the PS Vita‘s accessories with the official reveal of it’s pricing for the Japanese Market. For the

Official PlayStation Vita Japanese accessory pricing

With the release of the PS Vita both in Japan and the international market drawing near, Sony has unveiled pricing on several official accessories for the new portable console. A bit of warning for the

NGP may not launch in 2011

Aside from delayed game releases, it looks like Japan’s trio of disasters would affect even the release of Sony’s upcoming portable console, the NGP (Next Generation Portable or PSP 2 if you will).  Originally

Sony officially unveils the PSP2

Sony has officially unveiled the successor to it’s portable console, the PlayStation Portable 2 or if you follow the company’s new namesake, the NGP or Next Generation

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