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Level 5 announces new Professor Layton game for iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DS

Professor Layton fans, heads-up. A brand new is set to release for iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DS The upcoming Layton title is a role-playing puzzle game where you play the role of a character and

Capcom revives Breath of Fire for smartphones and PC

Breath of Fire was one of the more memorable and arguably on of the most requested titles for a remake. During Capcom’s recently held Network Game Conference for online, social and mobile titles, fans received

Square Enix reveals Star Ocean: Material Trader

Star Ocean has been missing in the current generation of consoles and Square Enix’s recent announcement is meant to address that, albeit with a different spin than what most fans are used to with

Devil Maker: Tokyo released for Android and iOS

As the popularity of Android and iOS continues to rise we’re bound to see more interesting games pop-up for them (although I’m personally waiting for a Taiko game).  Devil Maker: Tokyo is one such

Ouya coming to retail on June 4th for $99.99

The little device aiming to make it big inside the living room will finally be shipping on June 4th.  The Android-powered Ouya gaming console will be officially available for purchase online via the Ouya

Steam Mobile App now in Beta for Android, iOS

While there are a few 3rd Party-apps that allow you to interact with Steam in one way or another (for both Android and iOS), nothing really beats an official app (unless you’re talking about

Currently Playing: Angry Birds

This is the very first Android Game for my currently playing series and with good reason. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s addicting (really… it’s addicting). 

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