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Ouya coming to retail on June 4th for $99.99

The little device aiming to make it big inside the living room will finally be shipping on June 4th.  The Android-powered Ouya gaming console will be officially available for purchase online via the Ouya website and Amazon as well as several brick annd mortar shops like Best Buy, Game, GameStop, Target, etc.

The $99-bundle includes the game console itself, a controller, including power and HDMI cables allowing you to play with it out of the box.

Ouya coming to retail on June 4th for $99.99

The Android-powered console will be available initially in the US, Canada, and the UK and the company says that a global rollout will be in the works eventually but for now their priority are those who backed the Kickstarter project of which should be getting their units over the next few weeks.

source Engadget, The Verge

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