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Devil Maker: Tokyo released for Android and iOS

As the popularity of Android and iOS continues to rise we’re bound to see more interesting games pop-up for them (although I’m personally waiting for a Taiko game).  Devil Maker: Tokyo is one such game.

Here’s the game’s description on the Play Store:

? The evolution of collectible card games is here! Play a unique FREE RPG card battle game unlike any that have come before! With exciting card battles, a strategic combat system, a captivating storyline, and outstanding card illustrations, you’re sure to enjoy Devil Maker: Tokyo!? Devil Maker: Tokyo
Immerse yourself in the world of Devil Maker: Tokyo. Collect devil cards and battle your way through the darkness that has enveloped Tokyo.

? Over 500 beautifully illustrated cards to collect
The “devil” cards in Devil Maker: Tokyo are based on deities from cultures worldwide, and are grouped into three distinct attributes: Otherworldly, Celestial, and Underworld. With the help of these devil cards, players will embark on an epic quest to bring light back to the world.

? Upgrade your cards
What makes Devil Maker: Tokyo unique is that you can upgrade your cards in a variety of ways, so that even low-ranked cards can become powerful. Cards can be merged with other cards, players can use the “Recontract” feature to try to boost the stats and grade of current cards, and cards can also be evolved to increase their rarity or rank.

? Story
Sometime in the not-too-distant future, eternal darkness has blanketed Tokyo, and devils from another dimension have taken over the streets. You play as a “contractor,” someone who is able to form contracts with the devils of darkness to try to bring light back to the world. The problem is, your memories only go back 10 years.
Who were you before then? With the help of the devil Yuki and your deck of fearsome devils, battle throughout Tokyo to try to unlock the keys to your past!

? Key Features
– Over 500 beautifully drawn devil cards
– A new breed of TCG, Devil Maker: Tokyo is unlike any game of its genre
– Battle devils throughout Tokyo in Explore mode
– Discover your mysterious past in Story mode
– Battle against your fellow contractors in the Arena
– Strategically form your devil party
– Upgrade devil cards by merging, recontracting, or evolving
– Transfer skills from one card to another
– Compete for the highest record in the endless dungeon, the Crystal of the Abyss
– Fight with your Friends against the Core of Darkness, the source of the devils’ power
– Play along to the game’s fantastic original soundtrack
– And Much more! Download Devil Maker: Tokyo to discover what makes it the most unique game in the collectible card game genre!

Devil Maker: Tokyo is a role-playing adventure with card-based battles and anime-inspired artwork. Players will battle with a deck of six cards from a pool of 500 cards. Each card can be upgraded which allows you to merging, skill transfer, re-contract and evolution.

Players can also battle against each other via an Arena mode, or compete to travel the furthest distance in Crystal of the Abyss. It is also possible to play-adhoc multiplayer to help other players when fighting the Core of Darkness or the boss Devils.

Some of the game’s card art are embedded below.

The game is downloadable for free on both the Play Store and the App Store.

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