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FINAL FANTASY VI pixel remaster is now available on Steam and mobile

One of the most endearing titles in the Final Fantasy series has finally gotten it’s well deserved Remaster as Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster launches on iOS, Android and

Level 5 announces new Professor Layton game for iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DS

Professor Layton fans, heads-up. A brand new is set to release for iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DS The upcoming Layton title is a role-playing puzzle game where you play the role of a character and

Capcom revives Breath of Fire for smartphones and PC

Breath of Fire was one of the more memorable and arguably on of the most requested titles for a remake. During Capcom’s recently held Network Game Conference for online, social and mobile titles, fans received

Square Enix reveals Star Ocean: Material Trader

Star Ocean has been missing in the current generation of consoles and Square Enix’s recent announcement is meant to address that, albeit with a different spin than what most fans are used to with

Devil Maker: Tokyo released for Android and iOS

As the popularity of Android and iOS continues to rise we’re bound to see more interesting games pop-up for them (although I’m personally waiting for a Taiko game).  Devil Maker: Tokyo is one such

Steam Mobile App now in Beta for Android, iOS

While there are a few 3rd Party-apps that allow you to interact with Steam in one way or another (for both Android and iOS), nothing really beats an official app (unless you’re talking about

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