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Capcom revives Breath of Fire for smartphones and PC

Breath of Fire was one of the more memorable and arguably on of the most requested titles for a remake.

breath of fire 6

During Capcom’s recently held Network Game Conference for online, social and mobile titles, fans received a bundle of good news as the announcement that Breath of Fire 6 was confirmed, broke out.

The bad news? It’s not for a traditional console but rather smartphones and even the PC. According to the announcement, Breath of Fire 6 is due to be released next year and is being specifically built for touch-controlled devices. The upside of this development is that you’ll be able to share progress across platforms and even continue playing the campaign on your PC.

Other games mentioned in the NGC were Monster Hunter G for the PlayStation 3 and Wii U, Onimusha Soul for the Vita, etc but this likely has the biggest impact on fans still awaiting a new and proper Breath of Fire game to appear.

source EuroGamer, via Esteru

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  1. rupert.lanuza Rupert August 2, 2013 Reply

    Wow, kelan magkakaron nito? Nilalaro ko to dati nung PS1 times pa 🙂

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