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2012 Halloween Steam Sale is live

Hold on to your wallets folks, Steam’s 2012 Halloween Steam Sale is up! The Steam sale will run from today to October 31. No daily deals on this one it seems, just a straight up

[Rumor] GTA V Pre-Order Ads reveal, Spring 2013 Release Date

Fresh from Neogaf, it looks like RockStar’s upcoming GTA V will be released on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Spring 2013 (that’s a March to May window). No word on the PC

Nintendo teases Limited Edition Charizard 3DS XL

This verrrry Limited Edition 3DS XL proves that Japan gets all the good stuff when it comes to consoles :(. The Limited Edition Charizard 3DS XL will only be available between November 3 and November

PlayStation 3 master key leaked, opens console to user modifications

A new day, a whole new nightmare for Sony as the master keys called Lv0 keys have been leaked and are now doing their rounds in the internet. For the layman, this simply means that

Namco Bandai teases Tales of Hearts R for Vita

Another Tales game is set for a remake via this week’s this week’s Jump reveals. Tales of Hearts was originally released exclusively for the DS and now, Namco Bandai is set to release a remake

Atlus releases all new Persona 4: The Golden Trailer

A new trailer of Persona 4 Golden, the Vita-version of the PS2 role-playing game presents a few of the new content that you’ll encounter in the game. Persona 4 Golden hits stores on November

[Guide: Torchlight II] Robotic Parts Location

Part of the main quest for Torchlight II seems out of place at first as you may or may not have encountered the very first robotic part in Act One. At first it is

Xbox 360, Wii getting holiday price cuts

Great news for holiday shoppers. Both the Xbox 360, Wii (who here still has no Wii at home?) will be seeing price cuts and holiday bundles in the coming weeks. People looking at Nintendo’s offering

New SimCity trailer reveals destruction, mayhem and UFOs

The upcoming installment to the highly addictive SimCity series has a new trailer up featuring the things you see in the title and a whole lot more in terms of wanton destruction. Sim-style physics, check. Demolitions

PlayStation Store set to get UI revamp

One of the most frustrating things about the Sony’s PSN on the PlayStation 3 is the store interface. It’s clunky and often unintuitive. Sure, you easily get to see what’s new and

New Vocaloid Game headed for the PSP

I’m going to be dusting off my good old PSP Go as the latest Famitsu has revealed that a new Vocaloid game is coming to the PSP. Nope, it’s no longer Hatsune Miku’s show, it’s

PlayStation Vita finally gets CFW

Not a few days ago, Total_Noob has released PSP 6.60 TN-A CFW, a custom firmware that runs specifically on the PlayStation Vita. Total Noob, famous for his TN Hen tool for the PSP

Japanese 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro set to arrive in November

3DS XL owners in the land of the rising sun will be able to purchase the enlarged Circle Pad Pro for their portable consoles. The not-so portable combo of the 3DS XL and

Sony UK’s Fergal Gara mentions Vita price drop

During an interview with Eurogamer with regards to Sony’s latest hardware iteration for the PlayStation 3, Sony UK boss Fergal Gara quipped about an upcoming price cut for the PlayStation Vita. A lot of people

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