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Will 2009 be the year of the PSP?

I’d like to think that 2009 will be the renaissance of the PSP or simply, the year of the PSP.  Why? Strong sales?  Numerous upcoming titles? Increased overall traction as a platform? Yes, sales wise,

Just a minor site update – shifting paradigms

Yep. Another one of those.  Atma Xplorer is doing good so far, having an Alexa rank of 89,064 isn’t so bad right?  But right now, I’m feeling the crunch of having to think under the

QuakeLive goes open Beta on Tuesday

QuakeLive goes open Beta on Tuesday

It was only a few days since i started participating in the closed beta Testing of Quake Live when I got the news from the Official Quake Live site. Yep, Quake Live is going Open

DSi gets US release date. Gets new color too

The latest incarnation of the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DSi, will be released in the U.S. on April 5 (hey, the rumor was off by just one day) and priced at US$169.99. It is

Rubik’s Sphere = brainmelt

Think the Rubik’s cube is already melting your braincells?  Then you should stay clear of it’s inventor’s latest contraption, the Rubik’s

Beta Testing Quake Live

I got an interesting email last night. Here’s a screenshot So what is Quake Live? If you’ve been living under a gaming rock for quite some time now, it’s ID Software’s rebirth of the

Street Fighter IV’s Opening Cinematic (Japanese Version)

The series has been around for what?  20 years?  And admittedly, the new Street Fighter simply is… WOW. The opening cinematic proves just that.  Even the BGM for it is amazing. All I can say is..

Persona remake for the PSP

Yep it’s another hit from from Altus, or at least another hit from the old PSX console that Altus is bringing back to the

Shizen Orchestra

What: Shizen Orchestra When: April 25, 2009 11pm – 7pm (Saturday) Where: SMX Convention Center, Function Room 4 Ticket Price: 100 Php UPDATE: Added cosplay guidelines The Shizen Orchestra is an East Asian music appreciation

Need For Speed is not yet Dead, EA unveils 3 more games

And here I thought EA was serious about axing the long running series, the rumor that the Need for Speed franchise was going bye bye was thankfully, just a rumor. Yes the series has been

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