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Shizen Orchestra

What: Shizen Orchestra
When: April 25, 2009 11pm – 7pm (Saturday)
Where: SMX Convention Center, Function Room 4

Ticket Price: 100 Php
UPDATE: Added cosplay guidelines

The Shizen Orchestra is an East Asian music appreciation convention with emphasis on Japanese music.  I’m glad there’s more conventions popping up.  Looks like the recession hasn’t hit the Anime Community yet (unlike our industry tsk tsk).

In any case, more events means more chances for anime/manga fans to celebrate their passion right?  The Shizen Orchestra is admittedly a new name to my schedule.  The events/activities they’ve got lined up sparked my interest for some good old convention hopping.  Care to join me?


Various bands will perform Japanese, Korean, and Chinese music

Japanese fashion designing contest

Participants will design an outfit on paper inspired by Japanese fashion. There will to two categories: Traditional and Contemporary Design. The entries will be submitted before the Music Festival and will be judged during the event itself. Festival guests will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite designs.

Plushie (stuffed toy) designing contest

Participants will design plushie or stuffed toy costumes inspired by Japanese fashion.

Artist’s corner/commissions

Participants are artists whose works are inspired by the anime and manga styles.

Maid and Butler cafe

Convention guests will be invited to dine at this café with servers dressed as maids and butlers. The theme of this booth is inspired by the Maid and Butler cafes present in Japan. Towards the end of the event, the maids and butlers will have a music and dance presentation.

Music and Dance Contest

Participants will perform a song and dance number. The top three performances will be awarded.

Music Fashion Show

Individuals will be invited to participate in a show portraying the different fashions and their own interpretations of the East Asian music industry.

Music and dance presentations

Participants from the JAM event last July 26, 2008 shall be invited as guest performers.

Food and Non-Food Concessionaires

Products of the concessionaires are sold to the guests.


Tickets will start pre-selling of tickets very very soon, so it’s suggested for you & your friends to buy early to save you the hassle and time of buying on the event date itself. Details on pre-selling will be posted soon.

For updates, you can Bookmark this page or head to Shizen Orchestra‘s multiply.

For information on the cosplay competition, please turn to the next page.

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  1. j_mar_27 head February 20, 2009 Reply

    how to particpate and play as a band?

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