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PSP Brite remains immune to Custom Firmware

Every casual PSP fan has expected the PSP Brite to be hacked and issued a version of the Custom Firmware a few days after release much like the PSP Slim.  Much to everyone’s surprise,

Hellgate London to hit the deadpool January 31

It’s one bad thing after another for the former Diablo development team Flagship Studio.  After filing bankruptcy earlier this year, key members of the dev team were acquired by Turbine (of Lord of the

PSP-3000 units plagued with scan lines

The biggest feature that the PSP-3000 or PSP Brite have over it’s older brother is the new screen.  It supports a wider gamut of colors and is supposed to get rid of the ghosting

Handling multiple blogs; a Gaming AND a Technology blog comparison

A few of you guys know that I’m also keeping a tech niche blog called Pinoy Tech Guy (I have several more but they’re my personal blogs filled with uhh.. dramu). Usually there’s quite

PSP Custom Firmware 5.00 M33 is Released

Custom Firmware 5.00 M33 has just been released.  Dark Alex completely skipped 4.02 and released 5.00 M33.  Interested in the changes?  Read the PSP 5.00 OFW changes.  The most welcome change to 5.00 is

Convert your PSP to Custom Firmware

PSP for Dummies > Converting your PSP to Custom Firmware using a Pandora battery This is the nitty gritty guide on converting your PSP to custom firmware by means of a Pandora battery. If

PSP Firmware 5.00 details

I’m not so sure about Sony’s current naming convention when it comes to the PSP’s firmware version but hey, an update is something to be happy about right? Firmware 4.00 added Google Search to the

Download DoTA Allstars Official 6.56 map (with changelog)

Gah.. 6.56 is out and yet I’m still roving blind with 6.55b and there’s a new map already.  I’m thinking of removing this category from my Feeds to make more way for meaty content. Update:

Diablo 3 unveils a new class: The Wizard

Thank you BlizzCon.  Yep, Diablo has unveiled it’s newest character class, the Wizard.  Off the bat, this class is relatively closer to what D&D fans are used to in a caster class, strict school

StarCraft II set to be a Trilogy

Surprise surprise.  Blizzard has just dropped the announcement at BlizzCon (where else?) that it’s upcoming and highly anticipated RTS sequel StarCraft II will be a trilogy of games.  Why a trilogy?  To give focus

Want Dual Analog on your PSP? Wait for PSP Plus

Instead of a redesign (by adding the highly requested 2nd analog stick), Sony innovates by adding a brand new technology on it’s games to give PSP gamers a better gaming experience.  How?  How about

Need a quick fix for Cheats? Try GamesRadar

Cheating in video games is usually associated with MMOs with the quick idea of a speed hack, an item dupe or something that would break the economy or balance of the game.  In the

Download DoTA Allstars Official 6.55 map (with changelog)

Yep, I’m back to playing DoTA (simply because we’re given the green light to install it on our machines at the office to play when we’re doing nothing) and just in time too.  The

PSP-3000 vs Nintendo DSi

Sony and Nintendo are all set with their new and improved (?) models of their portable gaming consoles.  Before you start screaming apples and oranges, this post is meant to help you decide which

A whole new DS: Nintendo DSi

Yay!  The Nintendo DSi is finally official. After a few days of rumors and denying those rumors, Nintendo finally announced the new DS at it’s latest press conference in Tokyo.  The all new DSi is

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