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Hellgate London to hit the deadpool January 31

It’s one bad thing after another for the former Diablo development team Flagship Studio.  After filing bankruptcy earlier this year, key members of the dev team were acquired by Turbine (of Lord of the Rings Online) after they officially closed down in July and now, it’s been confirmed that their brainchild, Hellgate:London, is hitting the deadpool at January 31, 2009.

Hellgate: London

Namco Bandai, who co-published the game through an agreement with EA Partners, had sustained responsibility for Hellgate‘s operation since Flagship Studios confirms the closing date to consumer site GameSpot.

Veterans of Flagship Studios, including chief visionary officer Dave Brevik, recently revealed they’ll go on to play key roles in Turbine’s West Coast expansion.

Right off the launch, Hellgate was plagued with gameplay issues ranging to visual bugs to server hiccups (they were down at launch.. AT LAUNCH).  Even if the game was touted as Diablo 2’s successor, it didn’t generate enough in terms of a fanbase to sustain itself.

The good news is that Hellgate: London will continue to be available to play for free until its servers go offline on January 31.

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  1. Ron October 27, 2008 Reply

    I guess we were just expecting too much… Kaso gameplay should have been at least 90%… Awwww… Makes me crave for Diablo 3 even more… 🙁

  2. issai October 28, 2008 Reply

    well sucks… they used their code as collateral, and now no more hellgate. but there’s diablo 3 soon,hope it lives up to it’s reputation.

  3. sylv3rblade October 28, 2008 Reply

    Yeah it was such a waste.. if they didn’t leave Blizz we MIGHT have had arrive D3 earlier but… oh well.

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