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Download DoTA Allstars Official 6.56 map (with changelog)

Gah.. 6.56 is out and yet I’m still roving blind with 6.55b and there’s a new map already.  I’m thinking of removing this category from my Feeds to make more way for meaty content.

Update: Map 6.57 is out!  Dota 6.57 Download

Dota Allstars 6.56
Released : October 13, 2008
Filesize : 3.24 MB

The reason for the update?

DoTA 6.55b Roshan Exploit – Level 1 Roshan kill

Download links and Changelog after the Jump

DOTA ALLSTARS 6.57 Official Download Links

DoTA 6.56 Download Link (DoTA 6.56)
Mirror 1: DoTA 6.56 Download Link (DoTA 6.56)
Mirror 2: DoTA 6.56 Download Link (DoTA 6.56)
Mirror 3: DoTA 6.56 Download Link (DoTA 6.56)

DoTA 6.56 changelog / patch changes

* Improved various different areas of the terrain
* Fixed a very old exploit that was recently discovered with Roshan
* Fixed a rare bug that could cause revives to malfunction
* Some performance improvements
* Tweaked Sentinel and Scourge tower bounty sharing mechanism slightly

* Improved Magic Stick a little
* Slightly reduced gold cost on Dust of Appearance
* Decreased Assassinate cooldown from 30/20/10 to 20/15/10 seconds
* Slightly Improved Death Prophet’s base movement speed
* Improved Lucifer’s cast animation point
* Lowered Admiral Proudmoore’s starting Strength
* Slightly reduced slow duration and increased manacost on Torrent
* Tweaked the scaling of Tidebringer’s AOE
* Nerfed Untouchable a bit

* RD selection area now becomes unexplored after the pick phase is over
* Terrain and Minimap elements are now visible at the start by default
* Fixed using courier’s Drop Item ability to drop Runed Bottle and items in cooldown
* Moved the Tavern locations
* Circles of Power are now usable only when you buy a hero
* Added some new juke spots
* Fixed a few other exploits and bugs
* Fixed a bug with some icons on lower resolutions
* Fixed a small issue with Magic Stick visual effect
* Fixed Lina’s model (246662)
* X Marks The Spot no longer recalls the target if he becomes magic immune
* Fixed an issue with Leoric’s crown
* Added some new doodads
* Fixed some AI issues with Phase Boots
* Fixed some issues with Tidebringer not going into cooldown against Siege units
* Fixed various parts of the terrain where you could get stuck using the new TP scroll

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