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Cyber Gadget brings 3DS game card covers to Japan

Tired of having your cartridge popping out accidentally while your 3DS is in your bag? While not a common problem, this is still an annoying occurence, especially if you’re putting off to finish

Life-sized Monster Hunter 4 attraction coming to Japan next spring

In 2011, a Real Monster Hunter event was held at Universal Studio’s Japan featuring life-sized villages, weapons and monsters including a lize-sized model of the Silver Rathalos (pictured below)With Monster Hunter 4 set for

Nintendo announces the 2DS

The original Nintendo 3DS is no longer the cheapest SKU for Nintendo’s current line of portable consoles as the company introduces the Nintendo 2DS.If you’re scratching your head upon reading the name of the

Level 5 announces new Professor Layton game for iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DS

Professor Layton fans, heads-up. A brand new is set to release for iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DSThe upcoming Layton title is a role-playing puzzle game where you play the role of a character and

Pokemon X and Y Japenese preorders suppassed 260,000 units

Well ahead of the game’s release this October, Pokemon X and Y is proving to be a hit for fans who have swamped retailers who have setup a pre-order campaign for the game and

Etrian Odyssey Untold pre-order bonuses detailed

Atlus has a special treat for gamers who pre-order Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. The pre-order bonuses include a design book with concept art, notes and comics and a 7-track music CD that features a live

SoniPro gets screenshots to show off Sonico in a bikini, gameplay and the user interface

Imageepoch has just released a new set of screenshots for the upcoming Super Sonico game for the Nintendo 3DS Super Sonico in Production (SoniPro for short). Aside from being a rhythm game and idol simulator,

Capcom releases Monster Hunter 4 gameplay trailer

A new trailer was just released by Capcom showcasing a good chunk of why a lot of hunters are excited by Monster Hunter 4. New monsters, new environments and a whole new dynamic

Senran Kagura Burst set for US release, gets Japanese Audio, no censorship

Good Guy XSeed knows it’s market well. XSeed Games has just announced that the company is set to release the Senran Kagura Burst for the Nintendo 3DS via the North American eShop this fall.

Iwata says new StreetPass Mii Plaza games have already sold $4 Mil

Aside from the being a way of providing free entertainment to the Nintendo 3DS with Puzzle Swap, Find Mii and Find Mii II, the new StreetPass Mii Plaza now also features premium games that

Rune Factory 4 release has been delayed

Unfortunately for gamers looking forward to the release of the next Rune Factory game, Xseeed has confirmed that the game has been delayed for a bit. The game was expected to release this August.

Conception II for Vita and 3DS gets a new trailer

Spike Chunsoft has released a new trailer for their upcoming galge, Conception II: Guidance of Seven Stars and Muzzle’s Nightmare.This nearly 5 minute long trailer features part of the game’s opening movie and introduces

Nintendo announces Black 3DS XL for North America

Despite being one of the basic and staple console colors for consoles and gadgets, the black Nintendo 3DS XL is just set to arrive for North America.The new color for the 3DS XL is

Super Sonico heads to Nintendo 3DS with an idol game

Aside from the usual figures and collectibles at this year’s Wonder Festival, Nitroplus has announced a new game for the Nintendo 3DS. Super Sonico in Production or SoniPro for short is an

Capcom teases Monster Hunter 4’s new weapon: the Insect Staff

With the release of Monster Hunter 4 looming , Capcom has released a bit more info, this time around on the second weapon that’s getting introduced into the game: the Insect Staff.When attacking the  Insect

Project Mirai 2 includes all Project Mirai content

The latest issue of Famitsu has confirmed that the next installment of Project Mirai for the Nintendo 3DS will contain all the costumes and songs of the first game — following suite with earlier

New Pokemon X and Y video teases more gameplay, pokemon catching

Pokemon Smash recently aired and episode that contains gameplay for the upcoming Pokemon game as well as a preview of the anime which is set to air this October.Pokemon X and Pokemon Y is

Game Boy Mega Man games headed to 3DS Virtual Console

Capcom has officially announced six Game Boy Mega Man games will be coming to the Nintendo eShop in the coming months.The first game in the series, Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge, hit

Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 Japanese release date set

Sega has officially confirmed the release date for the second Vocaloid game on the Nintendo 3DS. Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 will launch exclusively for Japan (and the Japanese Nintendo 3DS) on November 28.  The standard

Japanese 3DS gets new chat application via eShop

Gamers will have a new way to communicate using their Nintendo 3DS as a new voice and text application hits the Japanese eShop next week.Not unlike similar services on our smartphones (WeChat, Line comes

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