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Super Sonico heads to Nintendo 3DS with an idol game

Aside from the usual figures and collectibles at this year’s Wonder Festival, Nitroplus has announced a new game for the Nintendo 3DS. Super Sonico in Production or SoniPro for short is an idol-producing game being developed by Imageepoch.

In SoniPro, you play as Super Sonico’s producer — in similar vein to other games in the genre like idolm@ster, etc — and help her grow her skills and fanbase.

There is currently little info on the game but what’s known is that another Super Sonico title is headed for the PlayStation 3: SoniComi, a port of the original SoniComi game for the PC with updated graphics (and jiggling physics). As with most Japanese games, we’re still set to wait for an announcement that Super Sonico in Production is set for localization.

source Siliconera

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