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Dissidia Ultimate Abilities Guide

The Dissidia Ultimate Abilities Guide is part of the Final Fantasy Dissidia Comprehensive Guide for the PlayStation Portable and a branch of the Dissidia Translation Guide.  There’s so many abilities to be listed down that I think it deserves a separate section.

As you know, each character in Dissidia play’s differently which is why we need to master their abilities and know what they do and when to use them.  Knowing is half the battle after all.

The Dissidia Ultimate Abilities Guide is divided in to 3 parts:

Story Mode: Player Skill

How to read the skills :
Player Skill – What it does

Heal/White Magic skills

Aura (オーラ) – Player’s EX Gauge increase by 50%
Cure (ケアル) – Heal Player’s HP by 30%
Cura (ケアルラ) – Heal Player’s HP by 50%
Curaga (ケアルガ) – Heal Player’s HP by 100%
Regen (リジェネ) – Player’s HP regenerates by 5% after defeating an opponent or opening chests.

Environment related skills

Jump (ジャンプ) – Jump over a tile
Scan (みやぶる) – Scan tile for hidden item/enemies
Sight (サイトロ) – Unveil all hidden item/enemies
Blink (ブリンク) – Lifts Berserk state on one adjacent enemy.
Invisi/Invisible (インビジ) – Lifts Berserk state from all enemies.

Blue Magic

Laser Eye (メーザーアイ) – Deal 20% damage to enemy’s HP adjacent to your tile.
Ray Bomb (レイ・ボム) – Deal 40% damage to enemy’s HP adjacent to your tile.
Missile (ミサイル) – Deal 20~50% damage to enemy’s HP adjacent to your tile.
Matra Magic (マトラマジック) – Damage all enemies adjacent to your tile by 10% HP
Earth Shake (アースシェイク) – Deal 10% HP damage to all enemies.

On the next page is the list of character movesets and their requirements.

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