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Dissidia Ultimate Abilities Guide

Character EX Modes

Warrior of Light

Change Class!
Warrior to Knight.
Gain Reflect, Protect and Light of Refuge.
Raises offensive and defensive power increases.


Class Change!
He changes his armor.
Gains ability Super Armor, can’t get knocked back, etc.


Blood Weapon!
Gain ability Bloody Weapon.
All your HP attacks will regenerate your HP.
Important Note: Remember to unequip Auto EX Burst support ability when you play as him

The Emperor

Hell’s Power!
Just a change in appearance.
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gains ability Blood Magic. Recover HP based on damage done by HP attacks.

Onion Knight

Job Change!
Job change to either Sage for stronger magic (but slower speed) or Ninja (fast speed and attacks).
Automatic but slow HP regen.
If you engage an opponent with a Physical HP attack, you will automatically job change again to Ninja, the same is for the opposite.

Cloud of Darkness

Flood of Darkness!
Green body, no tentacles.
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gain ability Cancel Gun Wave. Able to cancel an attack when an opponent attacks her by pressing the square button.


Free Job Change!
Automatic but slow HP regen.
You can switch between Paladin and Dark Knight freely by pressing R + Square.
Gain ability Double Damage, but you deal 1.5 times more damage.


Summon Shadow Dragon!
Combine with shadow dragon.
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gain ability Shadow Fang. Activate this attack by using R + Square button. Puts enemy in Break status.


Job Mastery!
Master the mimic Job Class, making all your mimic skills stronger and unique (even stronger than the originals)
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gain ability Goblin Bunch by pressing R + Square.


Shifts into Neo Ex-death.
Gains ability Haste/Speed Guard. Cooldowns between Guard skills are greatly reduced and the counterattacks deal more damage.

Tina Branford

Turn into Esper form (Naked but you can’t see anything, too bad)
She can glide in the air like Sephiroth (when he’s in EX mode).
Her magic attacks can now combo (simultaneous shooting) , she can also lengthen HP attacks it seems.

Kefka Palazzo

Power of Destruction!
Gains the ability to glide in the air (like Tina).
Gains ability Magic Pounding. His attacks change to give a better overall performance and are relatively hard to dodge or block.
(P.S. When he’s in EX mode, I recommend not going anywhere near him. Unless you are Tidus, Jecht or Zidane. And maybe Kuja)


Ultima Weapon! (He says something different when you use his AC alternate, like ?????, which roughly means Power of Ex-Soldier in this context, if you watched the movie)
Gains ability Guard Crush which can allows for Guard Breaks as well as improved offensive power.
Basically his attacks can’t be blocked. Except Jecht.


Reunion! (Short and sweet. Coolest name for an EX mode)
He turns into the one wing angel and gains a wing.
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gains ability to glide in the air.
Gains ability Angel Heart. While in the air, press R + Square. This will execute Angel Heart (you can still move while chanting), which results in a 100% brave hit that drains ALL the enemy’s BP to 0 irregardless of enemy location. Unless you are Jecht. Because Jecht owns all. Nah, Jecht can’t block it since it’s always on top of you.


Ultimate Weapon, Lionheart!
Gain the Lionheart gunblade.
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Range of your attacks are longer and broader.
Your damage increases as your hits does explosive damage.


Junction Griever!
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gains ability Time Stop. By pressing the R + Square button and holding it, the opponent will be rendered UNABLE TO MOVE OR ACT.


Trance Form!
Gain ability Air Jump. Max of 10 jumps.
Gain ability Dodge Jump. While in the air, enemy attacks deal no harm.


Trance Form!
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gains ability Hyper Guard. Rings of light surround him. Touching them does brave damage.
Gains ability Auto Magic. Whenever he jumps, a ball of light shoots at the opponent.


Ultimate Weapon, Caladbolg!
Caste Haste on yourself for Faster Running Speed.
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Able to dodge magic.


The Ultimate Summon!
Transforms into Final Aeon mode.
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gains ability FULL COMBO. Even if you miss an attack, you can still execute a full combo and home in on an opponent.


SP Ability!
Clothes change to that of the original mage costume, but without the corny hat.
Gain ability Fountain of Magic. All your HP attacks will ADD ON BRAVE POINTS.


Mist Cart! (Mist Cartridge)
He wears his helmet.
Automatic but slow HP regen.
Gains ability Even Stray Dogs Have Pride. All Parameters increased, gain HP attacks, all attacks boosted with multiple changes. Speed increases greatly.

Credits for the Guide:

  • wikia
  • Elvaron/Janus
  • pinoypsp

full list of pinoypsp contributors: dby2k, Darksun45230, LunarReplicator08, im-a-wiinner, Echo738, dexter1984, ROCK123II, YenRou1992, DragonKnightv2, _KAOS, oOXBladeXOo, Golden1Sun1Figther1, ADAJehuty, CervantesDeLeon, Unknown_PC, Vampire_Lord777, evangelion_33, Lord Raviel, dsvw56, EJ, Clouded_Wings, LiNkTrIfOrCe, jaryth000, wikia, blankpage0000, trptych, crocco us, PunchDuce, firionel20, roku, rusashi, Keiya, winters2, jack_gllghr, Toam_Endlist, damienxtreme, hystericmoonJDA, JHYanagi, Elvaron (Janus), Gravaki, Cyclone1, Schala-Kitty (animekittysama), tagami_yami, sinnesspiel, Dixxie, zidanet129, artemisfowl, kryst abegnalie, gelomen, mahki & me.. bloodlust8

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  1. tripmatrix Aaron January 19, 2009 Reply

    I so want this game!

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      yep. For now though the Japanese version serves us well. I do hope a few tweaks and additions make it to the english version

  2. ryemi_99 athan February 19, 2009 Reply

    awtz…! how come squall has only one aerial skill..?

  3. jeggetz_5338 jeggetz September 2, 2009 Reply

    what does “derive” mean?

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