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Blogroll Page for WordPress

Over time, your WordPress blog accumulates blogroll links that limitting a fixed amount of links to show on your blog becomes your last option. If you want to share more link love to your co-bloggers, why not use a blogroll page instead?

Easier said than done, I tried looking for a widget for this purpose and found the Blogroll page widget but it wasn’t quite showing what I wanted:

Test Blogroll page

Doesn’t look very appealing right?

  1. Using the theme editor, open up your current theme look for your Page Template file

    Theme Editor

  2. Copy paste the contents of the Page Template file to your text editor
  3. Add this to the top of the file:
  4. Look for a php tag with “the_content”. It may look like this:

    and replace it with this:

    note that you can use any argument you want. Read up on wp_list_bookmarks via the WordPress Codex
  5. Save the file to any .php name and upload it to your current theme folder
  6. Go to Write Page on your WordPress install and if you did everything right, you should find this:

    Page Template

  7. Choose a page title, select the template and add any other content you want. If you’re curious as to how it looks, check out my page here.

There you have it

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