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Official Final Fantasy XIII International version trailer

The International version for Final Fantasy XIII is set for release on March 09, 2010, several months after the original japanese release. The official trailer below shows the reason for the delay.

Square-Enix accepting Final Fantasy XIV BETA applications

Wow! SE has opened Final Fantasy XIV to beta testers (for the PC at least).  You can send your applications to access the Final Fantasy XIV beta via this sign up page.

Final Fantasy XIII official US / EU release date

People who have put off making their next console purchase for the release of Final Fantasy XIII, get your wallets ready. Square Enix has officially announced the official release date for the english

Advent Children Complete going for June US release [Rumor]

Advent Children Complete going for June US release [Rumor]

It’s LONG overdue but I guess better late than never. Yes, to non-Final fantasy VII fans, it’s nothing more than cash cow-ing from Square Enix but to us fans, it’s another item headed

PSP Games to look forward to in 2009

2008 was a slow year for the PSP, not in terms of sale but rather, the number of titles actually shelling your money out for. Aside from God of War, Crisis Core and

Dissidia Ultimate Abilities Guide

The Dissidia Ultimate Abilities Guide is part of the Final Fantasy Dissidia Comprehensive Guide for the PlayStation Portable and a branch of the Dissidia Translation Guide.  There’s so many abilities to be listed down

Dissidia’s Epic Intro

And when I mean Epic, I mean Final Fantasy style EPIC. Just take a look at the video and see for your self.  Final Fantasy Dissidia, is one fan-gasm of a game. If you’re currently playing

Dissidia goes Limited Edition

Wow.  Squaresoft isn’t skimpking on Final Fantasy fans who are looking forward to their next biggest release on the PSP, Final Fantasy Dissidia.  Dissidia is set to be released as a Limited Edition PSP

Final Fantasy 7 remake… snowboarding?

Yes square soft is releasing a Final Fantasy VII remake but it’s not what you think.  Priced at ¥315 (US$3) Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding is, well you guessed it, a remake of the

Final Fantasy Dissidia Comprehensive Guide

This is the Main page for my Dissidia Guide:  the Comprehensive Guide to Final Fantasy Dissidia Final Fantasy Dissidia will be the very first PlayStation Portable-exclusive (and original, Crisis Core is a prequel) Final

Final Fantasy Agito XIII coming to the PSP

Yep, you read that title right.  A Final Fantasy XIII title is coming to our beloved portable.  The former Final Fantasy XIII cell phone game is headed to the PSP because apparently, the developers

Six reasons not to worship Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

So you’ve finished Crisis Core and maybe even managed to defeat Minerva with the Materia Fusion Guide. Was it all worth it? Is Crisis Core worth the purchase? To most Final

The most awaited Games you’ll never play. Ever

A long history of successes in the games industry usually means a HUGE fanbase for the franchise. This means more people to buy games, more raves and positive (or negative) reviews and more

Waiting for Crisis Core

The Final Fantasy series is one of the most celebrated RPG titles known to hardcore gamers. It’s list of titles are well-known for it’s epic stories (not battles no, that’s reserved for Devil

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