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No Birth by Sleep for the PSP Go

And yet one more reason not to get a PSP Go. It looks like one by one, companies pushing out PSP games have accepted the fact that the PSP Go is a failed

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep official release date

The U.S. PlayStation.Blog has just confirmed the official release date for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep with a new trailer (shown after the jump). The final release date? September 7 for the

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep gets US release

Square-Enix of Final Fantasy fame, has recently issued an announcement confirming the US release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Birth by Sleep is the prequel to the PS2’s original Kingdom Hearts (a gem of

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Patch Progress

The image shown above shows in great detail how far the khbbs patch progress is. It’s a RED screen! What’s the purpose of the RED screen for the Kingdom Hearts: Birth

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