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Play games that require OFW 5.50 with version.txt hack

A number PSP game releases require owners to update their PSP to the latest version of the firmware, 5.50. If you have custom firmware, that would mean upgrading to 5.50 GEN-A (and 5.50

Sony’s PlayStation 3 Slim Unveiled

Sony has officially announced the PlayStation 3 Slim confirming what the internet has been buzzing about for quite some time now. It will retail for $100 less than the older model (which is

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty teaser video

Here’s a first glance at Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. All I can say is wow, it makes the wait for the Starcraft 2 release date even more

Obligatory Monster Hunter character update

I haven’t been playing Monster Hunter like I used to but I think I’ve come pretty far off. I started with Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and reached up to HR 4 before Monster

Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Movie in the works

The series for Fate/Stay Night left a somewhat bitter after taste (especially after archer died 🙁 whoops spoiler :D) but it managed to tell the Fate arc’s story quite generously. It’s a real

PSP Games that block custom firmware

Sony and game publishers have started to implement a security system for PSPs that block custom firmware from within the game. They do it by checking your firmware version before booting the actual

Starcraft 2 release date delayed to 2010

Bad news for anyone looking for a Starcraft 2 purchase this Christmas season. After hinting that 2009 was the magical Starcraft 2 release date, Blizzard official confirmed that there won’t be a Starcraft

K-On’s Don’t say Lazy [Nendroid version]

I adore all cute things. I adore K-on. A nendroid version K-on’s outro, Don’t say lazy, simply takes my cake 😀 God they’re

Nikon unveils two new dSLRs: D3000 and D300s

While I’m still saving up for my Nikon D90 to replace my year old D40, Nikon unveils two new cameras on each end of it’s camera line.  D3000 for the entry-level dSLR and D300s

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