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Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Holocrons, Saber Colors, Force Duels

Not sure about posting a full walkthrough but like Crisis Core Materia Fusion, here’s another guide to help you through another great (but short) game. The guide, Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Holocrons,

What is SecuROM?

What is SecuROM?  Doing a query on Google with “What is SecuROM?” gives will give you a general idea of what SecuROM is, but not what it actually does.  So in an effort to

Dial Up to Broadband: A big thanks to Globelines

It’s hard to imagine that a few years back, we accomplished everything over a 56K line.  Chatting via IRC, sending emails, collecting pictures, going crazy over IMs and chain emails, doing business etc.  I’d

AniCon ’08

With the disappointing cancellation of Comic Con on October 18-19, I guess we’ll have to make do with the other 3 events lined up. What: AniCon ’08 When: October 5, 2008 Where: SM Megamall 5th Floor Mega

The Monster Hunter Mania

The Monster Hunter series exploded into the RPG genre like wildfire, in Japan at least as well as several communities in the Philippines (PinoyPSP for one).  It’s one of (if not) the most successful

[Homebrew]PSP Pandora Deluxe v1.3

Created by DJB on 5th September 2008 Here’s the all-in-one solution for your Pandora Needs. This program is designed to prepare your PSP Memory Stick to be used with the Pandora Battery. Unfortunately this program can

Final Fantasy Dissidia Comprehensive Guide

This is the Main page for my Dissidia Guide:  the Comprehensive Guide to Final Fantasy Dissidia Final Fantasy Dissidia will be the very first PlayStation Portable-exclusive (and original, Crisis Core is a prequel) Final

EA’s cutesy Spore

You’ve seen the screenshots, you’ve see in game videos, you’ve seen it out on stores.  But what the heck is it? Spore is a god game (yes, this definition is quite broad but you can

My experience with Blog Hackers

My experience with Blog Hackers

Remember this post? Sender Information:Stephen Ian Recipient Information:www.pdada.comvia: Register NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT Ladies and Gentlemen: On behalf of, owned and operated by Stephen Ian Advincula (the Owner) As required under Sections 512(c)(3) and 512(d)(3) of the Digital

Manila Comic Con

What: 1st Manila Comic Con When: Postponed Until Further Notice Where: Glorietta Activity Center UPDATE: Comic Con has been postponed until further notice Hobbylink Productions, Inc has agreed to postpone the Manila Comic Con. This difficult decision is

EA celebrates Command & Conquer’s 13th year anniversary

Yep.  You’ve read that picture right.  EA games is celebrating the 13th anniversary of the Command & Conquer franchise by letting fans download the original Red Alert game for Free.  Absolutely

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