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Manila Comic Con

What: 1st Manila Comic Con
When: Postponed Until Further Notice
Where: Glorietta Activity Center

UPDATE: Comic Con has been postponed until further notice

Hobbylink Productions, Inc has agreed to postpone the Manila Comic Con. This difficult decision is based on the request of the co-presenters, sponsors and the general public to move the event to a bigger venue and a later date to give them more ample time to prepare for such event. The large interest for the people to attend this event might make the current venue difficult to hold and execute the program well and we are currently in negotiation in a location that will hold such amount of people. We will be announcing the new venue and date in the next few weeks.

We are sorry for this delay and thank you for all your support in this event. Such positive comments made the organizers more motivated to give you a bigger and more exciting Manila Comic Con.

If you wish to get in touch with any of us, feel free to join our groups by clicking any of the links below.

Celebrated Filipino comics artists will honor their patrons, staunch comic book aficionados, by conducting an exclusive book signing and book launching all throughout the event. Not to be outdone, Filipino sculptors will join in and exhibit their masterpieces. To top it all off, a Cosplay Masquerade Party will be held on October 18 at the Glorietta Tent to create an awesome venue where enthusiasts, hobbyists and artists can get together socialize and build a positive comics energy!

from Manila Comic Con facebook event

  1. Displays – There will be lifesize statues which we can say “hard to find” and a “museum” type of display for the event.
  2. Toy Companies – Much like Toy Con, Comic con will cater to toy collectors and hobbyists, not just comics fans..
  3. Comics!!! – Comic book fans, get your autograph pen and papers ready.  There have already been several confirmed comic book artists that will attend the convention.  No official list has been released but I’m having hopes that those in my list will be there. Comic book signings, launches and a panel is scheduled for the convention.
  4. Cosplay – the theme will be halloween (awwww, btw.. my latest costume fits in XDDD) but of course you can still come as a superhero.  Prizes are still to be announced and there will be a MASQUERADE party on Saturday evening at the Glorietta tent ^_^.

Details are really very sketchy for the event

Comic Con

Even the event’s facebook has very little information about the event so I guess we’ll have to go and see the event for ourselves.

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  1. tololoter indiecomiclover December 9, 2008 Reply

    sana may indie comics

  2. bernie_panlubasan kreuss June 22, 2009 Reply

    sana maraming manga

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