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Hellgate:London goes Live!

Horror flicks not good enough for the Halloween? Try Hellgate: London. Hellgate is an RPG game created by Flagship studios, set in post apocalyptic London where zombies, demons and all manner of

OpenSocial: Google’s SNS portal

Google’s latest launch, OpenSocial (this url goes live on Thursday) is set on November 1, 2007 (tomorrow if you’re in range of our timezone). LinkedIn, hi5, Plaxo, SixApart (read their statement here) and

Nvidia 8800GT

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or an avid PC gamer? Look no further than Nvidia’s latest card, the 8800GT. It promises 8800GTX-like performance at an affordable price. This

Mythbuntu: The Perfect Linux Media Box

If like me, you’ve dreamed of a Media Center PC that sits in your living room recording all your favorite shows but lack the money for it then good news for you. Mythbuntu is

Asus EEE US prices are out: disappointing

People like me who wish for a low-cost, ultra mini subnotebook are in for some bad news. Early adopters to Asus’ EEE PC will have to face an additional 100% to the original

Mulitple Logins for Yahoo Messenger

One of the major limitations I’ve found with Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger is that they allow just single logins. While this provides a bit of security, there are times when you

EAs Crysis (not Farcry 2)

If you’re still living under a digital rock and haven’t seen what’s hot in the gaming world, Crysis is an upcoming science fiction First Person Shooter, that is being developed by Crytek.

XP performance tweaks

While we’re waiting for Vista to get better or Windows 7 (probably 3 years to go), or contemplating on a Windows alternative altogether like Mac’s Leopard or LInux’s Ubuntu, don’t throw your XP partition

WidgetBucks: Slapped or Banned?

If you do a quick read on popular sites, you’d notice a lot of posts about not coming up on Google SERP. Curious, I tried it for myself and came up

Unreal Tournament 3 Cinematics

I’ve been a fan of the Unreal series ever since Unreal Tournament so the latest version of the game is simply something that I’m drooling over for quite a while now. I’ve compiled

General Programming Tips

Every developer follows a set of guidelines no matter what language he/she is handling. These guidelines can be good or bad depending on how they’re used and on how much they speed development up

Gundam 00 – Initial Review

There’s still some bad after taste of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny so I wasn’t willing to try anything under the CE time line. Lucky for me, Gundam 00 (pronounced as double

Microsoft Bows to EU

After three years of resistance, Microsoft has finally agreed to start complying with a European Commission 2004 anti-monopoly ruling against it. The commission said the US firm would now “comply with its

Software Review: Week 4

Sorry for another late review, things were a bit hectic for our graduate class so I had very little time to assess stuff, much less review my posts for typo so I’m doing it

Thoughts on KUbuntu 7.10

After about 3 hours of tweaking, I’ve finally managed to get a stable configuration for installation of Kubuntu 7.10. While I will add my hand on all the praises that Canonical has been

Sun to replace mobile-specific Java

Unless you’re a geek or simply a program, the places that you’re likely to encounter Java is on your browser and your mobile phone. Sun is planning a revamp of it’s current line


Unlike, Firefox’s new update is highly recommended to fix the crashes that many users have reported. Some of these crashes showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances and we presume that with enough

Seto no Hanayome – Series Review

After seeing the whole series twice, the top tier comedy anime Seto no Hanayome ranks as one of the best titles I’ve seen in this genre and paves it’s way into my short

Ubuntu 7.10 is available for download

Although it’s still not on the Ubuntu site front page, you can get the latest distro from any of these sources: Ubuntu Release Page OSUOSL Mirror FSLUTD Mirror Indiana Mirror CD image Mirror Or you can save everyone’s server from

Asus EEE hardware details

I should have posted this yesterday but I had tons of stuff to do so pardon the late information to anyone waiting for their EEE’s. Asus finally unveiled the models in which their much awaited

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