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Wikipedia deletes Shoutwire

The popular social news site get?s it?s entry deleted from Wikipedia?s pages. Even with a huge user base and it’s relative popularity, someone at wikipedia , Jaranda, deemed thought the site as unimportant and proceeded to delete it’s entry. He posted: “Article about a web site that does not assert significance” as the reason for deletion. A user on SW has posted this to back up the logic.

status of Shoutwire entry at wikipedia

You people need to do some “research,” that you are always claiming to value so much.The wiki page for shoutwire never met wikipedia’s guidelines for significance.
What is the point of an encyclopedia entry for every damn site on the internet? A description of a site is little more than an ad and belongs in google – not an encyclopedia.

Here’s the link for significance, if you can’t be bothered to find it for yourself:

If the article was encyclopedic in nature, it would not be removed.

So, if you want your precious article to describe something you already know about, make one that has substance and try to post that.

This has nothing to do with bias…

To those who have no idea what ShoutWire is, it is a social news site like Digg and reddit that prides itself from having being different from the pact. It caters to news that are mature in nature and carries little of the stiff atmosphere that the mentioned sites imply.

There are people who call the act bias. Other sites in the social news sites category are untouched regardless of traffic when compared to Shoutwire and Digg has it’s entry locked (with good reason). What’s more, the name Shoutwire is create-protected, meaning the name is locked to prevent any future creation of the name.

What’s your stand on the issue?


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