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Bleach: Movie Review

I was actually reluctant to watch this film because when I look back at all the anime movies I?ve seen (and that?s a lot) I can only name a handful that are worth anyone?s time. If a series was good, animation companies tended to profit from the popularity by funding a movie, quality however, is a hit or miss thing. That in mind, I had much trepidation when I went ahead and played the movie at school.

Several scenes of the movie were shown as background for series? episodes 106-109 opening and ending credits. Judging from the new character?s looks, it seemed interesting enough to catch my attention. The title Momories of Nobody was catchy too. Senna looked quite a bit like Momo Hinamori and for awhile I thought they were one and the same.

Rush Hour movie Poster The movie takes place sometime after the Bountou arc of the series (episodes 64-109) and before the Arrancar arc. Rukia tags along Ichigo?s patrols in the real world, though it?s not clear why?sorry for being analytical but I really found it weird that Soul Society allowed her to roam in Kamakura without a valid reason, if you watched the series prior to the Bountou arc, you?ll get it. After a bit of goofing around, Ichigo, Rukia and Kon encounter weird looking souls which we later learn are referred to as ?blanks? and Senna with her Zanpakutou, Mirokumaru. She wipes out the blanks while Kon had an encounter with one of the movie?s villains and the story goes on as a ?Protect the new character? movie.

If you haven?t watched any episode of the series here?s a quick link to a character list.
The new characters introduced in the movie are Senna and the Dark Ones. Senna is the movie?s main character despite the Bleach title. Read further to understand why. The Dark Ones, lead by Ganryuu, is a clan that was exiled from Soul Society due to it?s complex politics. They were forced to live in the space between the real world and Soul Society and guide the lost souls.

It?s pretty straight forward. Villains are plotting to destroy the world (both in this case) and the heroes are off to stop them. Soon after knowledge of the new dimension made up of blanks was brought into view, it was already obvious that Senna was the Memory Rosary the both the Soul Society guys and the Dark Ones are clamoring about. If it you didn?t see it coming, after all the incoherent flashbacks that Senna was getting, you need to watch more quality movies.

Again pretty straight-forward. I was actually disappointed that there is little about the movie that would prevent me from thinking that it was spoon feeding it?s audience. Story development is stale and although it?s well paced, there isn?t anything to provide excitement or a sense of appreciation instead of the battles and intervals respectively?which means you spend more time wondering when the next battle will occur rather than contemplate on what?s going on in the story. Half the time you already know what?s going to happen. As far as character development goes, Senna?s character was well explored. I really appreciated the peaceful intervals where more of her personality came up the surface through her actions instead of her words. In more ways than one, her character is a whole lot deeper than many others in the series.

Other Stuff:
Like all anime movies, animation and graphics are top notch. Movements are fluid and efficient, not like the sorely depreciated episodes in the filler arc. The sound department wasn?t overly generous however. Although there are a few new tracks, a couple that I can recall, the recurring themes that had been present from episode 1 of the anime is grating on my nerves. The songs and inserts are actually good pieces but you get really sick of them after 100+ episodes.
The movie?s most appreciable scene, and utterly it?s saving grace, was the last exchange between Senna and Ichigo. It was quite to if you realize that Ichigo lied about her family?s name being on the grave stone because he saw it fit to give her the same favor she had given the child ghost they had encountered during one of the interludes. ?I want his last memory to be a happy one.? And that I think makes the story, not the movie overall worth the watch.

Rating 5/10

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