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How much storage is enough?

How much storage is enough?

A 250 GB hard drive is more than enough capacity for any normal PC enthusiast. That’s quite a bit of storage to hold your installed programs, music, pictures, videos etc. If you

Vista SP1 Details

Vista SP1 Details

APC Magazine was able to get a copy and install service pack 1 beta for Windows Vista. Not unlike the usually patch which are standalone, the update comes fully integrated with a

Google Presentation goes live

Google Apps just celebrated it’s Suite completion with the release of it’s presentation application. At a quick glance, Google Presentation looks and feels like a bare bones of an online presentation tool and

Tabbed Browsing for Windows Explorer

Tabbed Browsing for Windows Explorer

Tabbed browsing has become more of a phenomenon more than a convenience. They minimize desktop clutter and eliminates the need of having to Alt+Tab your way around a long list of open windows.

Microsoft Stealth Windows Update confirmed

There have been rumors in the tech world about the sudden update of some windows machines without permission from their respective owners. It has been said that even with automatic updates turned off,

Turn your XP to a Vista clone

While some people aren’t overly enthusiastic about Redmond’s new OS and we see rants and complaints about it every day. What most people don’t know is that Vista has several features that make it

Vista Pirates vs BSOD

The dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death) which has become the bane of windows users ever since Windows 3.1; OS/2 and MS-DOS. Now it has become Microsoft’s most potent weapon against piracy.

Microsoft on Google Apps

Since it?s launch last February, Microsoft has been tight-lipped on it?s Office Suite?s competitor, Google Web Office. Responding to the news that CapGemini, a IT systems consultancy has partnered with Google to sell

Global WGA outtage

Microsoft users are experiencing problems with Windows Genuine Advantage with XP and Vista users unable to validate their installations. If you look now at the WGA support forum, you?ll see a flood

Living with 2 OS’s

I was introduced to Linux during my 2nd year in college, about the time I started my part time job at a small hosting company. We had 6 servers running Red Hat and

Switching to Open Source Applications

Upon checking your programs list on the Start Menu, do you see mainstream applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Nero Suite? These are common and popular names to computer enthusiasts

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