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[Guide: Torchlight II] Robotic Parts Location

Part of the main quest for Torchlight II seems out of place at first as you may or may not have encountered the very first robotic part in Act One. At first it is

Torchlight II in 2011

So you’ve played Torchlight and yet you’re still looking for that co-op feature that will simply complete the game for you? If you can still wait another year, multi-player coop is the most touted feature

[Torchlight] Vasman Quest/Ember locations

I’m currently playing through Torchlight again (it’s been a while since I got the 1.15 patch but I only got time to play it now :() and once again, the quest for Embers throughout

Torchlight is Diablo on steroids

When I first heard of Torchlight, my very first reaction was “pfffft… not another Diablo clone.” After playing the actual game…. well, the image below describes pretty much what

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