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[Torchlight] Vasman Quest/Ember locations

I’m currently playing through Torchlight again (it’s been a while since I got the 1.15 patch but I only got time to play it now :() and once again, the quest for Embers throughout Torchlight has frustrated me to no end. Vasman’s quest for embers (which he unceremoniously dumps on to you in exchange for some goods) is annoying at best and I ended up ignoring it during my very first playthrough. For the second (and even in my current playthrough which is the nth time), I wanted to tie everything into a neat knot so finishing everything is a must so I ended up listing the locations of the Embers that Vasman will send you looking for.

List of Ember locations in Torchlight from Vasman’s Quests

  • Gleaming Ember – Floor 1
  • Deathlace Ember – Floor 5
  • Shimmering Ember – Floor 10 (Orange Portal/Middle)
  • Primal Ember – Floor 18
  • Savage Ember – Floor 23
  • Adamant Ember – Floor 28
  • Sanguine Ember – Floor 33

Now if you’re getting annoyed of Vasman’s cryptic locations for the embers he’s searching for, just read the list above.  It should point you in the right direction everytime 🙂

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  1. hansm hansmueller July 5, 2010 Reply

    Shimmering Ember – Floor 12, not 10.

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