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Zergling Rush Comparison

The zergling rush probably the single most defining attack for StarCraft Zerg players. A wikipedia article defines the phrase as: A Zergling rush is the tactic of attacking an opponent with 6 or more

What StarCraft II Class are you?

In light of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty‘s imminent launch this July 27, Blizzard has created the Entrance Exam for the Dominion. Welcome to the Dominion New Recruit Processing and Acclimation Center. Prepare to take the

Starcraft II Official System Requirements

Woot! In less than two weeks, we’ll be seeing the release of the highly anticipate Starcraft II (that’s July 27 for those not following the Starcraft II release date). The official

Korean WOW players get Starcraft II for free

As if South Korea needed any more reason to get Starcraft II, now Blizzard is giving it away for free to WOW players. *sigh* They really get all the good stuff 🙁 According to

Starcraft 2 BETA unable to load map error

If you’ve been playing the Starcraft II BETA offline or Starcraft 2 BETA vs AI or even just playing Starcraft 2 BETA replays, you might have encountered the “Unable to load map error.”

HowTo: Play StarCraft II Beta Offline vs AI

So you’ve started watching several Starcraft 2 Beta replays on your PC and you decide that you want in on the action. Unfortunately, you don’t have a BETA key to do that.

HowTo: Watch StarCraft II Beta Replays

Say you’re part of the lot that was unlucky enough to not get picked fro the Starcraft II Closed BETA but want to be able to watch replays.  Do you wait for a Starcraft

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