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Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Special Edition Kinect bundle

A new Special Edition bundle for the Xbox 360 will be coming to stores aside from the numerous Kinect bundles already available.  It seems Microsoft isn’t done marketing the Kinect despite it already being

Kinect gets a Holiday Bundle

Xbox 360 owners looking to get a Kinect this holiday season are in for a treat. Amazon is offering the Kinect Holiday Bundle with three full games for just

Limited Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Kinect bundle

The Xbox division of Microsoft and LucasArts unveiled a limited edition Star Wars-theme Xbox 360 at the 41st annual Comic-Con International. The custom themed 360 unit bears resemblance to the two beloved droids

Microsoft sells a million Kinects in 10 days

Just after 10 days since launch and Microsoft has already reached the million Kinect units sold milestone. Good job Microsoft (Marketing). 🙂 For those interested in complementing their 360 with this motion-control peripheral, the

Microsoft announces Kinect pricing and bundles

The Microsoft Kinect is set to invade homes as Microsoft has finally announced the pricing and availability for it’s motion-based controller. The Kinect will be available in either the basic Kinect package and the Kinect

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