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Verifying your Character’s Charm Table

There are two ways to verify on which table your character has been set on: the Fish Mongress and the Charm Table list.

Wrangling with the Fish Mongress

The easiest (but most time consuming) is by continuing on the game until you unlock the Fish Mongress.  If you haven’t gotten her, simply progress with the Guild Sweetheart missions until you unlock your first Urgent Quest: No Love for Ludroth.

To start checking, send out her ships to the  “Moga Coast” and start recording their hauls.

ProTip: Since it take two days for ships to return, you can use a Power Paddle so that it’ll shorten the trip by one day.  On how to spend the remaining day, you can do any mission or simply free roam in the Moga Woods for resources.  If you’re in a hurry, pick-up a couple of Kelbi Horns from your stash and do the quest Prescription Pick-up.  At the start of the mission, you can simply drop the horns in the red box and wait to return to town — don’t worry, the game will return your Kelbi Horns and you can repeat the process as needed.  This way you’ll be able to also net some instant money :).

All you need to do is send out ships to the “Moga Coast” area and record their hauls.  If you’ve just started the game, you need to do start listing as soon as you get her 🙂

Record your progress and enter it on the Charms Table Calculator which you can download here.

Charms Table list Method

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