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What is the Charms Table

If you’re wondering about what the Charms Table are and how they affect your character in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, you’ve come to the right place.

What are charms?

Charms are a special piece of equipment that cannot be forged. The only way to get charms is to find them via resourcing or as quest rewards. Your character’s equipment slots has only room for one charm so in essence, your character can only equip one charm at a time. Charms are special because they provide boosts (or sometimes penalty) to skills and sometimes have slots for decorations (which allow you to raise Armor Skills even further).

How important are charms?

For a casual player, I would suggest that you forget about charms as the mechanic of the game ensures that characters are bound to their charms table at creation. There is nothing you can do about it except by restarting the game and creating a new character.

For hard core players who want the best equipment, the best skills, etc, who’s looking forward to playing upwards of 300+ hrs on the game, resetting a character might not be a hefty price.

What is the charms table

Moving on from the importance of the charms. The charms table is basically 17 groups all the possible charms in the game are grouped into. The game assigns your character to one of these tables at creation and it will be the game’s reference in determining what charms your character will be able to net.

So should I repeat my character?

Refer to the importance of the charms table bit. The decision is still up to you but mind you, you can play the game even without relying on charms or having a good charms table for your hunter.

How bad are the cursed tables?

The Cursed Tables aren’t really cursed.  They are, quoting Capcom’s Yuffie, a trade off for quickie charm getting — you can view the whole post here. Yes, you don’t get those +10 skill charms but you still get something in return.

I’m set, how do I manually set the charms table

If you’re still want to reset and manually set your character’s charms table press, continue to this guide.

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