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Custom Firmware 3.80 is released

As you’ve noticed in some of my posts, I’m slowly shifting this blog to a gaming niche to make way for Pinoy Tech Guy. It wouldn’t make much sense to have 2 blogs

PSP to a PSPhone

Sony has confirmed what many of the PSP gurus have been expecting, that Skype is coming to the PSP Slim. Though there’s still no official word on what features it will contain, many

PSP Battery Kit

Sony is set to release The PSP Extended Life Battery Kit which will extend the operating time of your PSP units (both Phat and Slim or PSP-1000 and -2000). This new battery, at 2200mAh

Sony Launches the PlayStation Store for PSP

Without much fanfare, Sony opens up the PlayStation Store. where you can download for-pay and free content via your computer and upload them directly onto your PSP. At the moment, there’s still just limited content

News on Sonys PS Systems

Sony’s packed a bunch of stuff for release to anticipate the Christmas Season for gamers and enthusiasts alike. With the PS3’s sales still going at a crawl, Sony turns it’s heads on the

Crisis Core Opening

It was leaked a few hours ago and already it’s got PSP and FF series fans clamoring. Even I want a PSP to play it the moment it arrives. Here’s the

Playstation Phone confirmed

Sony Ericsson head Peter Anhegard, has confirmed the coming of a Playstation-branded gaming handset. Although a date is still to be set, Christmas he said although he didn’t specify which, rumors of features

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