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No More Heroes’ Paradise HD screens

For those looking forward to No More Heroes’s debut on the PS3, you’re in luck. Konami has released new screens revealing the star of NMH, Travis Touchdown in all his 3D, polygonal glory.

PSP AND PS3 fully compromised

This is an interesting turn of events.  Both of Sony’s current consoles have been fully compromised with their private keys exposed, allowing just about anyone to sign any piece of software to run on

Gran Turismo 5 release date confirmed!

After the LOOOOOONG way, it’s finally here. Sony has announced that Gran Turismo 5 will release in the US on November 24th, 2010.

Sony PS3 Firmware v3.42 blocks hacks

It’s not just Nintendo stepping up it’s anti-hacking game, Sony has also released a mandatory firmware update to block all currently known exploits on the PS3.  This is aside from having a legal blockade

Jailbreak your PS3 using an Android Phone!

With the PSJailbreak looking to get no nowhere fast with Sony being able to block it by legal means, is the ability to hack the PS3 lost forever? Apparently not, all you need

Is the PS3 really hacked?

An unnamed company claims to have successfully hacked the PS3 via something they call PSJailbreak by using a combination of software and USB dongle that seemingly allows all makes and model of

Final Fantasy XIII official US / EU release date

People who have put off making their next console purchase for the release of Final Fantasy XIII, get your wallets ready. Square Enix has officially announced the official release date for the english

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