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No More Heroes’ Paradise HD screens

For those looking forward to No More Heroes’s debut on the PS3, you’re in luck. Konami has released new screens revealing the star of NMH, Travis Touchdown in all his 3D, polygonal glory.

If you’re unfamiliar with what is undoubtedly one of the best games on the Wii, you can read my currently playing post on both games (No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2). The game follows the exploits of Travis as he tries to become the top assassin in Santa Destroy. So why does he strive to be number one? To score of course. Yes, the plot is that simple but No More Heroes isn’t about that, just checkout my earlier post on the Wii version of the game here

The game’s PS3 cover is here.

As for the screens? Here they are:

As motion control was one of the selling points of the game (you should see how you recharge your beam katana) on the Wii, the same experience (if but better but that’s Sony talk) is offered with No More Heroes’ Paradise with full HD graphics and the PlayStation Move. The Japanese version of the game has been out for some time now but for some reason, Konami has yet to confirm a specific date for the US and UK release. :/

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