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My experience ordering online from Datablitz

The venerable gaming shop Datablitz has opened it’s e-commerce store during the middle of the NCR lockdown. So far, people using the online shop have had hit or miss experiences so I wondered how

Tales of Xillia out in North America, available via DataBlitz

My most anticipated PS3-exclusive is finally here! The launch trailer provided by Namco is available below which should put you up to speed with all things related to Tales of Xillia. And as an

DataBlitz Order Campaign for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

To help out the folks at DataBlitz (fuck off XPlay), I created this form so they can keep track of requests for copies of the game. Take note of the disclaimer: while this

Fire Emblem: Awakening has officially landed in the Philippines

Woot! I’m so excited to receive my copy in a few hours. DataBlitz’s will be updating their inventory accordingly and has listed the price of  1750.  Unfortunately for those in the US, the physical copies

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