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My experience ordering online from Datablitz

The venerable gaming shop Datablitz has opened it’s e-commerce store during the middle of the NCR lockdown. So far, people using the online shop have had hit or miss experiences so I wondered how they would be able to service someone who isn’t in the metro like me.

Here’s my experience ordering from Datablitz’s online store.

So far so good, it’s great to see Datablitz embracing the digital age

I saw that Datablitz was having a promotion on their PS4 Dualshock 4 controllers;  I play on both the PS4 and my PC and most of the time I use a DS4 controller because I love it’s ergonomics — also a boon for playing Monster Hunter World :).  Since I didn’t want to deal with switching and re-pairing my controller each time I needed to switch platform, I decided to buy a dedicated controller for my PC.

On Sale 🙂 but you need to buy one fast

It was 10:30pm Monday when I decided to place my order for a Magma Red Dualshock 4 controller (now currently sold out).

To expedite, I paid for my order via dragon pay.  Datablitz has to manually verify any other form of payment so I didn’t want to deal with the additional wait.

Sensitive info blacked out 🙂

Once I received the Dragon pay confirmation, all I needed to do was to wait.

And I didn’t wait long.  At about 11am the next day, I received an update on my order.

Translated, the message just asked if they can deliver on the address I provided

And about 3 hours later.

2 ply of bubble wrap
Removed the bubble wrap
Unboxed and already covered in husky hair lol.

Turn around time is less than 24 hours and shipping cost is less than half a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Not bad. 🙂

Pro tip if you plan on ordering:

  • Pay via DragonPay
  • If you can wait, don’t order when there’s game release.
  • Make sure your lines are open for any updates from them
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