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Rune Factory 4 gets US release date

XSeed is sure to make a lot of fans happy as the company has officially confirmed the US release of Rune Factory 4.

The date? October 1, the same date as Atlus’ Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl goes on sale :D. And if you’re looking for more games releasing in the same timeline, Pokemon X and Y is just a few days behind it. Wallet’s will weep.

Rune Factory features a more advanced dating system (more galge is always good), which allows you to carry on a relationship as lovers with your prospective partner before tying the knot (harem route?). And yes there’s still the usual farm-related tasks of assisting townsfolk, harvesting crops, dungeon crawling, etc.

Here’s a video of the game’s crafting system to get your more pumped up

source XSeed Games

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