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Golden Week sale at Humble Bundle, Japanese Games up to 85% off

Humble Bundle is having a Golden Week sale to celebrate said holiday for Japanese

Rune Factory 4 gets US release date

XSeed is sure to make a lot of fans happy as the company has officially confirmed the US release of Rune Factory 4. The date? October 1, the same date as Atlus’ Etrian Odyssey

Senran Kagura Burst set for US release, gets Japanese Audio, no censorship

Good Guy XSeed knows it’s market well. XSeed Games has just announced that the company is set to release the Senran Kagura Burst for the Nintendo 3DS via the North American eShop this fall.

Rune Factory 4 release has been delayed

Unfortunately for gamers looking forward to the release of the next Rune Factory game, Xseeed has confirmed that the game has been delayed for a bit. The game was expected to release this August.

Rune Factory 4 farming tutorial video

XSeed has started to release a series of video tutorials for the upcoming Rune Factory 4. Each video explains various aspects of the game, the first of which has to do with Farming

Xseed teases Rune Factory 4 fans with an english trailer

Rune Factory 4 is up for the soon to release queue and Xseed has it’s first english trailer via GameSpot up and running RF4 includes a number of new features like a dating phase

XSEED localization specialist explains why most games don’t get dual audio

Ever wondered why most games coming out of Japan for localization gets their original Japanese voices stripped away?  So many great games like Final Fantasy XIII-2 (yes, my R3 copy had english voices :(),

Pandora’s Tower finally coming to U.S.

The final title pushed by Operation Rainfall is set for it’s US arrival in April. Xseed‘s Pandora Tower will hit the Wii for US games two years after the initial’s game release on

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