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No PlayStation Vita Price Cut Outside Japan Says Sony

Sony giveth, Sony taketh away.

PS Vita to support PlayStation 3 remote play feature

When asked if SCEA will be following Japan’s price cut for the PlayStation Vita, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida replied “No it will not.” The reason being that the price drop is due to the Yen’s current performance. “One answer could be when you compare the pricing on PS Vita across regions, because of the yen value. In Japan, the system had been priced the highest. We had been selling for 25,000 yen; that’s more than $250 when you compare the exchange rates,” Yoshida added.

Bummer. Sony’s earlier announcement will drop the PlayStation Vita‘s price from 24,980 yen ($249) to 19,980 yen ($199). The U.S. Vita remains at it’s launch price of $249 and $299 for the WiFi and 3G version. For the moment, at least those of us in Asia, it might be cheaper to import a Japanese Vita (so long as you don’t get whacked with taxes).

source Polygon

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