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PS Vita to support PlayStation 3 remote play feature

One of the most admittedly underrated features of the PlayStation Portable, remote play, is reportedly coming to the PS Vita.

Remote Play allows you to remotely control your PlayStation 3 like access music, videos, photos and even play games (as longs as your connection can keep up). The feature works by uploading actions performed on the PSP to the PlayStation 3 while streaming back a live stream of the output image on the PlayStation 3, downscaled to the PSP’s native resolution.

According to Eurogamer’s report, a future PlayStation 3 firmware update will allow the PS Vita mirror the PSP’s current remote play feature set, upscaled to the Vita’s native resolution of 960 x 544. The downside is that older titles might limited to the PSP’s 480 x 272 resolution as they we’re specifically coded with the older portable console in mind.

If you’re wondering how well remote play works on the Vita, below is a demo of Killzone 3 played on the Vita using remote play:

Remote Play is also available on Sony Vaio computers using a proprietary program that comes preinstalled with your purchase.

source EuroGamer

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