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Konami teases Limited Edition Zone of the Enders HD Collection bundle

Head’s up Zoe fans, a limited edition Zone of the Enders HD Collection bundle will be released along side the standard version of the game. Aside from a copy of the game, the

PlayStation Vita running PSP ISOs

Yep, you read that title right. There’s a Playstation Vita running PSP ISOs via an exploit that’s yet to be made public. No Vita ROMs yet but it seems to be fully

Nintendo announces Wii U launch titles

As it readies for the November launch of the Wii U, Nintendo has announced it’s list of launch titles for it’s upcoming console. Do note that the list includes games targeting the “launch window” between November

Valve opening up Steam Closed Beta for Linux

Steam for Linux seems to be chugging along the development road quite nicely as Valve has announced that they will be opening up slots for a private external beta for 1,000 lucky users. The beta

Sony promises continued PlayStation 3 support until 2015

With wild rumors about the next generation PlayStation coming late next year just in time to spoil the Wii U‘s arrival, John Koller Vice President of Sony’s hardware marketing assures the current userbase that

Nintendo teases Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS XL

Similar to the release for the original 3DS, Nintendo has confirmed that it will also be releasing Circle Pad Pro for it’s much larger iteration, the Nintendo 3DS XL. The Circle Pad Pro add-on gives

New Monster Hunter 4 trailer unveiled

With Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate set for next year’s release, it might be premature to celebrate the NEXT Monster Hunter title. But then again, just watch the clip. New monsters, new environs, new MOVES

New PlayStation 3 model coming in September 25

Sony has just announced a new, slimmer PlayStation 3 model at this year’s Tokyo Game Show press conference. The redesigned PS3 Slim is smaller and lighter (and naturally consumes less power) but lacks

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming to 3DS and Wii U

And now the wait is near it’s end.  Capcom has officially announced that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, the english localization of Monster Hunter 3D will be released some time next year on both the

Wii U set to hit stores this Christmas season

Nintendo’s much awaited foray into the HD console business finally has a release date. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has announced that the Wii U will launch in the United States on Sunday, November

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm closed BETA has begun

The much awaited closed beta testing of Starcraft 2: Heart of the swarm is now open – to a select few of course. Blizzard says that the multiplayer-only preview for HotS is now open to

Square-Enix announces Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Unsatisfied with how Final Fantasy XIII-2 ended without any clear conclusion for Lightning? Not to worry, Square Enix that there will be a third and final (hopefully?) game for the Final Fantasy

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