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No UMD Passport for US Vita owners

Unlike PSP/PS Vita gamers in Japan, Vita buyers in the US will not get the same treatment when it comes to migrating their current UMD library on to the Vita. You will have to re-buy your PSP games that are on physical media if you want to play them on your new console.

Japanese gamers can use the UMD Passport program to register their UMDs to their respective PlayStation Network (now Sony Entertainment Network) accounts and pay a small fee to be able to download the digital version of the game on their PSP or the Vita. Sony of America (via Kotaku) however, says that it has no plans to bring the program on to the US market.

Bummer :/ I guess it’s another win for PSP Go owners who stuck with digital copies of their games.

The PlayStation Vita will reach the U.S. and other markets on February 22.

source Kotaku

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