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PlayStation Vita tops 1.2 million worldwide sales

SCEA has officially announced that the PlayStation Vita has sold over 1.2 million units as of February 26.  The sales figure includes numbers from Japan, Asia, North America and

Sony explains why the UMD Passport is Japan-only

With the PlayStation Vita now released internationally and Sony adamant that the UMD passport program is not headed for anywhere else outside Japan, you might be wondering for the reason why this is the

No UMD Passport for US Vita owners

Unlike PSP/PS Vita gamers in Japan, Vita buyers in the US will not get the same treatment when it comes to migrating their current UMD library on to the Vita. You will have

UMD Passport Program for PlayStation Vita Buyers

Sony has finally spilled the beans on how it will let existing PlayStation Portable players with existing UMD collections onto the PlayStation Vita.  The company is calling this program the UMD Passport and while

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