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Free Nintendo 3DS games download

The 3DS launched with much fanfare like most Nintendo consoles but sadly, there’s currently just a few Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download to go around.

Not to worry, we here at Atma Xplorer are willing to provide you with Free 3DS games and as well as a Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download emulator for you to use on your Mac, PC, iOS or Android Phone to play Nintendo 3D games for free. Oh, and you can also play your free DS ROMs using existing flash carts like the r4i.

Here are just a few of the Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download
1. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D
2. Zelda: Ocrina of Time 3D
3. Mario Kart 3DS
4. Resident Evil Revelations
5. Starfox 64 3DS
6. Paper Mario
7. Pilotwings Resort
8. Dead or Alive
9. Kid Icarus: Uprising
10. Animal Crossing

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Nintendo 3DS Games Free Download full game versions now available for download: Free Nintendo DSi, 3DS and NDS games.

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